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Outsourced Chief Investment Officer Services

Designed for Independent Advisors

Pure Portfolios OCIO is designed to provide RIA, CFP, CPA and Insurance professionals with turnkey and fully customized investment management solutions and client-ready investment content. Our aim is to free up advisors to better manage client relationships while offering a more robust investment process unique to your firm’s approach.


We understand the importance of interfacing with clients around holistic financial planning. RIAs serve a wide array of clients in an environment that is constantly evolving in complexity and risk. The ability to be dynamic, timely, and insightful is critical when navigating financial markets and managing client portfolios.

Why Choose Outsourced Investing?

Increase Capacity and Reclaim Time
The investment process takes considerable time and expertise. By outsourcing, advisors free up time for individual client care, business development, and other areas of practice management.


Reduce Risk & Overhead
Outsourcing portfolio management, due diligence, oversight and reporting can reduce staff and technology costs while ensuring a standardized and repeatable process. 


Enhanced Investment Platform
Our team of Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) can build out customized portfolio solutions with enhanced research capabilities and a wider suite of investment choices to help meet and or exceed client expectations. 

Pure OCIO Services

Every OCIO Relationship is Customized to Meet Your Needs. What to Expect as an OCIO Client:


We provide the technology, research support, and know-how to frame client risk tolerance and set the portfolio investment objective. 


Customized Portfolios:  Pure designs and manages portfolios, which may include individual stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, concentrated stock, low-basis stock, non-traded assets.  We rely on a rules-based investment process and utilize a multi-asset class framework. We implement asset location and tax-optimization portfolio strategies.


Model Portfolios:  Pure manages client assets within a current suite of five model portfolios.  Each is geared to align with a specific risk and return profile.  We track risk metrics, cross asset class correlations, and net of fee performance. Portfolios are reviewed and updated monthly.


Access and support from Investment Team Members:  Our investment team is comprised of seasoned and credentialed professionals with over 75 years of combined experience. 


Specialized Services:  Pure has direct access to industry leading research firms and produces original investment and planning content.  OCIO clients will receive a weekly investment blog, chart of the week, and a formal market commentary report.  We provide personalized support on client presentations and performance reporting, and serve to engage with clients around strategy via in-person, video conferencing, phone and email.


How you would like us to serve as your Outsourced Chief Investment Officer.  Whether we are to be fully behind the scenes, or at the front line engaging directly with clients.

About Pure Portfolios

Pure Portfolios is a wealth and investment management firm based in Portland, Oregon. Our thoughts and insights on personal finance and investing can be found on our weekly blog/newsletter, or at Seeking Alpha.

For more information, please contact: Robert Okada, CFA /

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