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Introducing Everplans

“In a moment of crisis, the last thing a family should be doing is worrying or being hassled about paperwork. Everplans elegantly solves that problem.”Everplans User.

We have heard from family, friends, and clients that settling a loved one’s estate can stressful.  Instead of a celebration of life and reflection, the beneficiaries are left sorting through cluttered documents, hunting down trusted advisors, and trying to make good on the decedent’s wishes.

Pure Portfolios has partnered with Everplans to offer a life and legacy platform created to help clients securely store, organize, and share their most important information with the people they care about most. 

What do clients get with an Everplan?

Guidance: Get help organizing your vital documents and final wishes.

Everplans guides you through everything from taking care of your will, to keeping usernames and passwords. It gives you tips to organize documents and shows you what to save. With Everplans, you’ll:

•  Be certain you don’t miss a single document or bit of information

•  Make sure your beneficiaries know who to contact with questions

•  Give special instructions on things like taking care of a family pet

Secure Storage: Save all your information safely and in one place.

Everplans operates like an electronic safety-deposit box, but it’s safer and smarter because

it allows you to keep a scanned copy of your information in a totally secure—yet instantly


Share only what you want and designate who gets to see it.

Pick “deputies” who can access your documents and information—family members, friends

and other beneficiaries or professionals—and ensure that even after you’re gone, you maintain control.

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It’s simple to organize, store and securely share your information, but that isn’t what matters most. With Everplans, your family won’t be running down details. They won’t be arguing over what they think you want or where you left the documents. They’ll have everything they need, so they can simply celebrate your life and legacy.

Pure client’s will get an email invitation to start the Everplans process.  If you’re not a Pure Portfolios client and would like to learn more about our progressive, client-centric firm.  Please reach out via

Happy Holidays!

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