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Pure Portfolios Best of 2017

The pages of this blog have evolved from our voice in a crowded industry to something woven into the fabric of Pure Portfolios.  Empowering investors through unfiltered, original content makes us feel good.  However, our weekly musings have provided a welcome benefit; it's made us better investors for our clients.  Through constant research, reading other financial blogs, and answering questions investors care about, our content drives our pursuit of knowledge. 

We look back at our most influential and popular blogs of 2017 based on social media & readership engagement.  Our focus for 2018 includes increasing our volume of content while offering other mediums for consumption i.e. video, audio, webinars.


Tis the Season for Wall Street Forecasting 

Cliff Notes:Wall Street's forecasting machine is perma-optimistic, predicting rising markets every year since 2000.  Overweight equities is the default call until they drive off a cliff (see 2001 & 2008).

Naked Performance

Cliff Notes:An epidemic in wealth management and social circles; touting investment performance without any concept of risk.  If two people arrive safely at work, one went 120 mph, the other going the speed limit, wouldn't you want those details?  The same principles apply to your investment portfolio. 

Meet the Story-Based Advisor

Cliff Notes: We call this the fiction section of financial services.  Spinning narratives to close business, hit sales goals, or qualify for a bonus.  These advisors have mastered the art of storytelling to captivate their audience.  We prefer evidence-based principles that have stood the test of time.  

The Danger of Mixing Politics and Investing 

Cliff Notes: Is there a better example than 2017 as to why politics and investing do not mix?  We had Presidents impeached (South Korea & Brazil), a populist uprising in the U.S. & Europe, Brexit, and the threat of nuclear war from a rogue nation.  The global equity markets didn't care. 

Hard Ball Questions to Ask Your Advisor 

Cliff Notes: This guideline has been a valuable tool for our readers to understand their existing advisory relationship or vet a new advisor.  Not all financial advisors are created equal.  This checklist could save you thousands alone in annual fees. 


On behalf of Pure Portfolios, we wish everyone a wonderful holiday season!

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