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Pure Portfolios' Best of 2021

"A fit body, a calm mind, a house full of love. These things cannot be bought — they must be earned." - Naval Ravikant, entrepreneur

Please enjoy our most popular posts from 2021. We will return to our usual blogging schedule next week. Happy Holidays!

The Best Predictor of Stock Returns is Amazingly Simple

"Livermore's conclusion was the higher the average investors' equity allocation, the lower future stock returns. Conversely, the lower the average investors' equity allocation, the higher future stock returns. Sounds overly simplistic, but the average investor equity allocation predictor has been extremely accurate..."

The Biggest Risk to New Retirees

"What's potentially the biggest risk to your retirement plan? It's not so obvious and you might not have even heard of it. It's known as sequence of return risk."

Bitcoin, What of It?

"I believe Bitcoin is neither an undesirable currency only used to fund illicit activities nor the savior from evil central bankers that blow bubble after bubble through manipulating paper or "fiat" currencies. The truth probably lies somewhere in between."

Why Trend Following Could Make Sense for Retirees

"Most retirees do not have the capacity, either emotionally or financially, to take a major drawdown on retirement assets. Empirical evidence across global equity markets suggests that trend following can offer similar returns to buy & hold, but with less risk."

Is the 4% Rule Dead?

"Live off the interest" and "I don't want to invade principal" are all rooted in the idea of the 4% rule. There's one problem, the 4% rule was created during a period of much higher interest rates and bond yields."

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