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The Pure Experience

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Portfolio Construction

Our portfolio construction process starts by identifying your range of acceptable investment outcomes. We will map out a reallocation strategy, discuss tax sensitivity, set risk/return expectations, and Pure’s framework for making buy and sell decisions.

All-ETF Portfolio 0.65%

Custom Portfolio 0.80%

*fees are based on assets under management

Building a "You" Plan

Tell your Pure Portfolios financial planner what you want to do and we will chart the path to get there. Unsure when to take Social Security? Want to see if early retirement is possible? Does a Roth Conversion make sense?


Money can be emotional. We prefer data-backed planning decisions.

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The Other Stuff

 Our advice isn’t limited to your investments; we handle all the other stuff too.

  • Estate planning

  • Identifying cognitive and emotional biases

  • Insurance

  • Medicare

  • Employer benefits, including stock options & restricted stock units

  • Tax planning

  • Investment properties & real estate

  • Generational planning

  • Chartable gifting

  • Education Planning

Client Education

You’ll enjoy 24/7 access through our client portal to view holdings, net-of-fee performance, trading, and much more. You’ll receive our weekly newsletter, which features Pure’s blog, explainer videos, and podcast.

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