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Pure Portfolios 2017 Client Letter

In the spirit of the great Warren Buffett's annual shareholder letter, we feel it's important to share not only our thoughts on financial markets, but also on the evolution of Pure Portfolios.  Our motivation is simple: to knock down the walls of secrecy that surround wealth management and create a business that's obsessed with client outcomes. 

This annual business update conveys our progress at Pure Portfolios and what we are focused on in the coming year.  As we reflect on 2017, we are filled with gratitude and excitement.  While our steady growth gives us reason to celebrate, we remain steadfast in finding attractive investment opportunities, prudently managing assets and improving the client experience.

Since we opened the doors in mid-2016, our goal of achieving better investor outcomes has not changed.  For us, this means adding value beyond traditional wealth management by adopting innovative technologies and financial/estate planning tools.  We continue to provide educational content, improve our web and mobile applications, and promote full transparency in all that we do.

By surrounding ourselves with capable partners, we are able to focus on investment research and client engagement.  Our partnership with tru-Independence LLC has proven to be successful, enabling us to access on-site compliance and back-office support.  Additionally, we have hired a marketing consultant to tell our story to the investing public.  This coming February, we will be expanding our operation to include a Vancouver location to service our SW Washington clients.

The wealth management industry is going through rapid change.  Being independent allows us to remain flexible, using the changes to our advantage and evolve into an industry leader.

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to partner with you and welcome any feedback as to how we can improve your Pure Portfolios experience. 

Our regular blog will resume the first week of January.  Happy New Year!

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