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More Personal than a Robot.
Lower Fees than a Traditional Advisor.*

Welcome to Pure Portfolios

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"Placing client interests first shouldn’t be a question for an advisor. It should be the standard. We are an advocate for the fiduciary standard and investor rights."

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"We put our money where our mouth is. We discount fees if investment performance falls short. This is what real accountability looks like."

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"Clients have 24/7 access to net of fee performance.  We generate weekly original investment content that is memorialized on our blog.  Go ahead, ask us anything.  We are an open book."

If you’re tired of large profit-seeking investment managers, banks,

brokers, and traditional financial advisors,

you’ve come to the right place. 


We believe a well-rounded partnership doesn't start and end

with portfolio management.



We also build custom financial plans, provide behavioral coaching, offer solutions to reduce taxes,

and craft estate plans.

We utilize a “Rules-based” investment approach, reducing human emotion and behavioral biases.

We do not use mutual funds or third-party active managers. Our goal is to drive the cost of owning financial assets toward zero.


We call this “Drive-Zero Investing.”

By connecting our management fees with investment performance, we draw a clear line between our compensation and client outcomes.

We are credentialed, fiduciary investors and planners. Our associates do not have sales goals.

We produce original content through our blog, podcast, and videos series. Our goal is to empower people to make better financial decisions.

We use cutting edge technology and embrace a culture of innovation aimed at improving the client experience.

How Fees Erode Your Wealth

Pure Portfolios believes the “all-in” cost of investment management is too high, directly resulting in lower returns for investors.

Our aim is to lower the overall cost of investing for our clients.  We do this by in-sourcing the investment management.  We do not allocate client assets to third party managers, mutual funds, or alternative managers (hedge funds).  We build portfolios using low cost ETFs (Vanguard, Schwab, iShares), individual equities and fixed income.  This lowers the cost of investing, provides greater tax efficiency, and we know precisely what we own.


When evaluating fees & expenses, investors should be aware that the cost can go well beyond the standard 1% management fee.

This is what the traditional advisor will rarely show:

Account Fee + Mutual Fund Expenses + Taxes = Total Portfolio Cost

This graphic highlights the dramatic impact of fee drag over time. 


Is stacking layers of fees and expenses via a traditional advisor worth hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars over your lifetime? 


We think not. 


There is a cleaner path to financial wellness.

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The above is based upon a hypothetical $1,000,000 portfolio with a 6.5% gross return and is intended for illustrative purposes only. Actual fees, performance and values will differ by investor.  Pure Portfolios offers hourly planning arrangements.     

Pure is for those who think their fees should be based on investment outcomes. We believe an advisor’s fee structure should encourage transparency, accountability, and improving the investment process.



Shouldn’t your fee structure promote prudent portfolio management rather than sales?


We look forward to meeting you!

Your Pure Portfolios experience is designed specifically for you, so you should have your say from the very beginning of the journey.


Don’t you think?

Tell us how you would like to engage with Pure. We use e-mail, video conference, online chat, phone, screen share to interact with clients from coast to coast.


Contact Us


Read our stuff.

We write it ourselves!

Our Story

Our Story

Created in 2016, Pure Portfolios was the vision of two reformed bankers that sought to shake up the stale wealth management model.  We felt charging investors more than 1% was too much. So we lowered our fees. 


Collecting a fixed percentage of assets, regardless of performance & risk management, seemed unfair.  So we decided to tie our fees to client outcomes, discounting fees during tough market environments.


Professional human advisors.  Transparent and innovative fees.  Better investor outcomes. 


Welcome to Pure Portfolios.

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I*Based on Investopeda survey of advisor fees 2/7/21

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